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Posted by eWm on 1 Feb 2020

So here you are, the world champion in your first league ever. You're sailing along, enjoying the ride, when all of a sudden, the next card is a day late. "Okay," you think, "the fed head is just having some problems." So you wait until the next day. No card. A week goes by before the email message everyone has been fearing arrives in your mail box. The fed is closing, and you have nowhere to go.It may not have happened just yet, but at some point in your e-wrestling career, you will be faced with this scenario. You are then faced with the arduous task of finding a new league to roleplay in. But with the sheer numbers of fantasy promotions available, how does one choose? Hopefully this article will shed a little light on this subject.

The first objective is to compile a list of leagues you might be interested in. The best resources to be found is right here on eWmania as well as Stanton Enterprises, The Efed Goblin, OWA, FWrestling, and OPW.

On these sites there are a lot of different leagues posting cards, handbooks, and the like. You will also find many knowledgeable handlers who could point you in the direction of some potential feds. Granted, leagues (as you've just found out) come and go like the wind, so you'll probably have to check several.

As you find leagues, add them to a personal list. Include the URL and maybe some brief information. Then the fun begins.

Narrow your list down to about five leagues by any means necessary, then take this short list and get to work. Learn everything you can about these leagues. Check out RPs, cards, updates. Ask to be join the OOC forum for a week or so so you can get a first hand look yourself.

Slowly, eliminate leagues until you have THE promotion to join. And then do just that. If you don't get accepted, try the next league, and so on and so forth.

So the question now is, how does one determine what fed will be the one to join?

Damn good question.

Ask ten different people and you'll probably get ten different answers. It really is up to your personal preferences. But, since this is supposed to be helpful, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Is the webpage well designed? A good webpage shows dedication to a league. It shows that the fedhead is willing to go that extra mile in order to make his league #1.
  • Does the league have  well written, easy to understand, and informative information available? A brief set of rules tells one nothing about a particular league. Details, man!
  • What do others think about the league? Hit up some handlers and get their opinions. Or look on fantasy wrestling sites for postings regarding the specific league.
  • Are there sample cards and roleplays available? Reading the league's past items is an excellent way to determine the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Is the league angled or roleplay'd for? There are handlers who swear by both methods of resolving matches. If you can't stand roleplay (or angle, for that matter), make sure you know ahead of time before signing up.

Well, there you have it. My very first article. I do hope it was informative, and if it wasn't, feel free to drop me a line with any suggestions. I'm still new at this, so please be kind. ;-)

By Mephisto's Waltz with updates by Ben


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Posted by eWm on Mar 24, 2020

Episode 20 of The Efed Podcast can now be streamed through the audio player right here on eWmania! While we want you to listen to it casually through us, make sure you're also hitting their other sites and liking/subscribing/following. Show your support for The Efed Podcast!

Also on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Android, and Google Play!

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