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Latest OOC Retrospectives


Posted by eWm on 31 Jan 2020

Today I was asked by a member of the community how I would do power ranking's in an efed. This was easy to reply to as I actually have always used a single system that not only worked based on wins and losses, but several OOC activities which in turn promoted OOC activity for my fed. I figured this would actually be something I could share here for those struggling to create such a system or would like a way not only to boost content for their fed, but activity as well.

Below is the legend taken from can be used for almost any fed or modified to fit your needs. Feel free to comment below on what works for you if you have a system in place.

The perks for power rankings are great. As explained above it adds activity to your fed. Updating the rankings on a weekly/bi-weekly basis gives the overall fed more content. When you offer bonus points for stuff such as submitting segments, writing matches, and leaving feedback you increase handler's desire to do more OOC wise. You also cater to those who thrive knowing where they are ranked in the fed.

The downfall? Obviously the additional work to compile the rankings. However, it should never take more than an hour if updated on a schedule. Also, you may find some who can not seem to leave the bottom rung of the rankings leave the fed. This could be a pro though if you are looking to have only higher caliber handlers.

Regular Match Win: +3
Regular Match Loss: -2
Regular Match Draw: +1

Tag Match Win: +2.5
Tag Match Loss: -1.5
Tag Match Draw: +1

Freebird (3 or more teammates on team) Tag Match Win: +3
Freebird Tag Match Loss: -2
Freebird Tag Match Draw: +1.5

Cluster Match Win: +3.5 (Triple Threat &Up)
Cluster Match Loss: -2.5 (Triple Threat &Up)
Cluster Match Draw: +1.5 (Triple Threat &Up)

Over the Top Rope Battle Royal Win: +3.5
Over the Top Rope Battle Royal Loss: -2.5
Over the Top Rope Battle Royal Draw: N/A

Angled Match Win: +1*
Angled Match Loss: -1*
Angled Match Draw: +0.50*

Win Championship: Normal Match Points +2
Lose Championship: Normal Match Points -2

Successful Championship Defense: Normal Match Points +1

Returning Superstar: Starts at 0 Points
Superstar of the Week: +2
Superstar of the Month: +5
Superstar of the Year: +10

PPV Win Bonus: +0.5
PPV Loss Bonus: -0.5
PPV Draw Bonus: +0.2

Submit Show Segment That is Used: +0.25 (+1 Max per Show)
Submit Original Webisode That is Used: +0.50 (+1 Max Per Week)

Submitted Segment Moved to Webisode: +0.125
Leave Show Feedback Within 24 Hours: +0.25
Max Out RP's For Period: +0.25
Write Match that is Used: +1.00 (Must max RPs for period, mininum 1500 words)

If entire show is maxed out RP wise everyone booked: +.50

Negative points capped at -5.00

*Angled matches are matches that everyone invovled agree upon the ending regardless of roleplaying for match. Angled endings must be approved by the fed head no less than one week before deadline. All superstars must max out RPs for the period, or angled match will be cancelled and fed head will chose winner per RPs for match. Angled matches are to be used when handlers feel the story calls for a certain finish. The fed head reserves the right to decline angled endings at any time. Superstars may not have an angled ending more than 1 time every two months unless pre-approved by the fed head.

**If superstar is suspended or on hiatus for extended period of more than 30 days, they will automatically be added to the NR pool and move back once they return to action.

NR = Not Rated

NR (R) = Returning Superstar

TAGS: power rankings, rankings

Latest eWmania Update


Posted by eWm on Mar 24, 2020

Episode 20 of The Efed Podcast can now be streamed through the audio player right here on eWmania! While we want you to listen to it casually through us, make sure you're also hitting their other sites and liking/subscribing/following. Show your support for The Efed Podcast!

Also on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Android, and Google Play!

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