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Posted by Neal Thayer on 26 Feb 2020

Myra Benedict was originally created to be the valet for Tyler Mayson.  But when Tyler failed and was discarded as an active character, Myra soared--becoming one of the most hated characters in JTF

Myra made her in-ring debut as a wrestler in Blood, Sweat, & Chairs Wrestling run by Rich from Boston who ran "The South Boston Strangler" Hannibal Carver as Iris Galiver's "daddy" in DSW.  As you might have guessed, BSCW was much in the same vein as ECW in 2002 - only a year after Vince bought the E.  ROH was just getting started as well and gaining popularity, but nowhere near the popularity it has today.  I was grabbing up every ECW and FMW DVD I could find at my local FYE.

So when Myra debuted in BSCW, I made her anti-hardcore.  Again, keep in mind that this was years before pure wrestling became hugely popular.  So when I started writing Myra's RPs trashing hardcore wrestling, it didn't go over well at all.  One or two shows came out, but then BSCW closed.  I was able to get her involved in a feud with Iris Galiver before that though, which later culminated in a blow-off match in an unaffiliated supercard whose name escapes me.

Small story about that though.  I initially went to the organizer of that supercard, asking to get Myra involved.  He said no.  I had also mentioned to Sam from Lexington, Iris' handler, of my desire to give the feud a blow-off.  She talked to the organizer, and he said yes.  Lo and behold, Iris won and Myra lost.

I then joined the Universal Wrestling Federation run by Mike from Toronto and soon after that Mighty Bastard Championships run by Kyle from Dallas.  UWF and MBC were sister feds, which is how I heard about MBC in the first place.  Myra spun her wheels in both feds early on, before I decided to take the character to a whole 'nother level.  Looking back now, it was a decision that went a long way toward escalating the character.

I wrote a promo where Myra got a phone call from her mentor Darrin Kisler, telling her to come to the gym.  Myra shows up, and Darrin tells her to hit him.  Myra refuses.  He yells at her to hit him, but again she refuses.  So Darrin goes ballistic, attacking her savagely.  Myra takes all of it, and then bounces back, returning savagery for savagery.  She leaves him laying with a knife buried in his shoulder.  Kisler's cackling, pleased by her transformation.  She evolved into a cold, calculating, ruthless monster who would go on to carve a bloody path of destruction throughout promotions for years to come.    Kisler was an anarchist determined to achieve what he called Absolution - total chaos throughout the world.  Myra embraced this as well.

The infamous "training video" did not sit well with one particular handler we'll call Katie from wherever, who made her objections public.  She took issue with the fact that the "training video" involved a female character that was put through an extremely violent fight.  My guess is Katie never saw Jazz in ECW, or more importantly Megumi Kudo in FMW.  I didn't pay hrt much mind though.  Myra was now the kind of character I wanted her to be, and there was no way I was going to change her to please another handler.

Eventually Myra got involved in a feud with Arielle Starr.  At the same time, my secondary character "Twilight Angel" (later renamed Talion Angel) Sonya Benedict was backing up "The Walking Contradiction" Sabbath in his feud with Jamie Underwood (my first foray into somewhat of an inter-gender feud).  Then I got burned out.  That's the time when my friends helped me finish my storylines despite the burnout.

I took six months off from the gang, but still kept in contact with Darryl who raved about the great angle UWF was running.  It was called "The New Era," and it was a massive ultraviolence angle culminating in a fed-wide riot.  The more Darryl told me about it, the more I wanted back in.  I read up on the riot, and the whole thing really excited me.  My imagination was firing on all cylinders.

I came back, raring to go, but The New Era was over.  Worse yet, UWF was changing completely over to more of a ROH style.  And even though Myra had a Strong Style and martial arts-based repertoire, she just didn't fit in because she was ultraviolent.

When I came back though, I brought a good buddy we'll call Mike from San Francisco.  He handled Moira Faith in DSW, who I was a big fan of.  Our idea was to pair Myra and Moira to form a tag team called The Kindred.  Our RPs were great too.  We had great chemistry with one enother.  But each and every time we got booked, we jobbed.  Even against the weakest female team on the roster.  Our stuff was amazing, but we got zero love to speak of.  We feuded with the Love Sisters, handled by the same guy who ran Arielle Starr--a good guy who was willing to go ultraviolent with us.  And we jobbed out yet again.  That was the last straw, and Mike from SF left the fed, The Kindred never to reunite in a roleplaying capacity again.

But why were we jobbed?  I wanted to know!  Turns out, Katie and the other members of Mike from Toronto's inner circle didn't like us.  It didn't matter that we wrote the best material, or that we were the most over heels in the women's tag team division.  They didn't like OUR CHARACTERS, so we jobbed.  Mike from Toronto let his inner circle run roughshod on the UWF, causing my buddy to leave, and Toronto never once put his foot down and stopped it.  The problem was they mistook Moira and her manager Caine Tainer for Hannibal Carver and Iris Galiver.

Though extremely frustrated with the situation, I decided to stay on with UWF.  Myra still wasn't popular among the inner circle who wanted to do things the ROH way, but UWF was my home fed.  I spent five years in total there, and not once did Myra get a title reign.  Instead, they put the newly created North American Women's title on Sonya even though she wasn't anywhere near Myra's level.  Myra wasn't even given a spot to vye for that belt.  That bothered me.  A lot.

I was nevertheless grateful for the title reign, even though it was my first in 5 years.  Sonya had a feud with Donna Tetreault, Katie's character.  I don't remember much about that particular feud except the ending.  We were to have a Blind Stipulations match.  First character to bleed wins.  Katie got to know the stips and I didn't.  Sonya lost the title, and I pulled Myra from UWF.  It was the only fed throughout Myra's whole career where she was naught more than a midcarder at best and a curtain jerker at worst.  I was fiercely loyal to UWF for years, and it left me with nothing but a bad taste in my mouth.

On the other hand, Myra was given many opportunities to shine in MBC.  Of course, having another good friend there to collaborate with certainly helped.  Working with Corbitt from Miami on a weird relationship between Myra and his guy "The Atomic Son" Sean Malcomb went a long way toward helping me develop as a writer but also helped me evolve Myra in many different ways.  We were also planning for Malcomb and Myra to join Crimson's Hand of Doom stable in a highly anticipated angle until MBC went on hiatus for a while.

Sadly, the Hand of Doom idea never panned out when MBC returned.  Nevertheless, Myra competed in the 2X4 inter-gender tournament, making it all the way to the finals before losing to One-Winged Angel.  Angel went on to invite Myra to join his group Amity with Fury and Ami Tran.  It was an odd pairing, but sometimes it's good to take a chance that doesn't make sense on the surface.  Myra later went on to win the MBC Women's Championship much to my delight.

ticipantUWF and MBC both were very slow getting shows out--often times taking months or even a year.  So I got Myra involved in other feds and projects as well.  She was involved in a "reality TV show" akin to Tough Enough.  Myra lasted through several rounds before the "show" folded.  It did provide several opportunities to work with handlers who I had no prior experience with, enabling Myra to further evolve and improve in an event where she was the only female participant.

She saw success in the United States Jisatsu Project: which really was her breakout moment long before winning the MBC Women's Championship.  Myra was one of six female characters in a small women's division with characters like Ashley Brooks, Ashlyn Summers, Sierra Hayes, and two whose names I can't remember.  Nevertheless, USJP was chockful with top caliber talent.  Characters like "Bad Eye" McBaine (also ran Sierra Hayes), "The Lone Horseman" Blackout (who ran Ashley Brooks), Werewolf Gregorson, Leviticus Nelson (better known for Chris Courtade), among others.  I brought Myra in late in the cycle, so Hayes and Brooks were already feuding along with their counterparts McBaine and Blackout.  But Jay from Chicago who ran USJP instantly LOVED Myra.  Besides Darryl, there's not been another person as big a fan of her as Jay.  It was in USJP that Myra started getting serious respect from other handlers.  McBaine and Blackout in particular went on to join NAWC when I brought it back as the New American Wrestling Council.  Sadly, USJP closed after Myra's first title defense.

Jay from Chicago would return several years later to create Deep South Pro.  DSP was a member of the Global Wrestling Alliance.  There were four member feds in all with DSP, ICWF, and two others - one run by my old buddy Mike from San Francisco and the other run by the handler of "Too Cool" Chris Hopper.  GWA was a male character only alliance, but DSP went against the grain when I joined with Myra.  Myra had a brief feud with Mike's character Ranma Kurotsuki, Myra won out in that exchange despite Mike being an excellent writer as well.  MOre importantly though, all four member feds of GWA got together for a GWA supercard where they crowned the first GWA World Champion in a battle royal.  Myra had a penchant for winning battle royals throughout her career, and this one was no different.  She outlasted 29 male characters as the only female in the match, and became the first GWA World Champion.

Most of the GWA member feds closed shortly after that or moved on to run solo.  Several people were displeased that a female character was the first World Champion over the whole umbrella.  Heck, I only wanted to focus on DSP since it was the only place that welcomed me in, but was nonetheless pleased with the win.  ICWF's fedhead had also run the match through a simulator (TMN  or the like), so there were questions whether it would've gone another way had humans decided the outcome.  The match quality was also so poor, that it really deflated the whole community.

DSP also saw the revelation that Darrin Kisler was not just Myra's mentor, but her biological father.  Myra was a test tube baby impregnated into her unsuspecting mother.  Darrin popped up at odd times throughout Myra's career.  Sometimes they were on the same page, sometimes they fought violently.  Myra was always loyal to him, especially when he revealed the truth to her.

In 2009 and 2010, I was a part of the Paradise Jisatsu Group run by Mike from San Francisco.  More than anywhere else, PJG was the one fed where I wanted to win.  Really though, I wanted to beat out Griff.  Griff handled Talia Wichzini, who was just about everybody's favorite heel in the women's division.  Myra and Talia were neck and neck, but they loved Talia.  Griff always took her just a little bit further than I took Myra.  We faced off at the PPV to crown the first Women's Champion, but Talia prevailed much to my annoyance.  I was desperate to get one over on Griff, because he had a prior win over me in a feud ender between Talia and Sonya Benedict--Myra's cousin.  That was many years prior to PJG though.

That being said, PJG did see a rather interesting develop.  Initially it started in another fed, but came to fruition in PJG.  The angle was really between my sexpot sycophant Andrea Kristian and Darryl's Erik Grimsson.  Andrea was the kind of character that a) didn't take rejection lightly, and b) went to every extreme to get what she wanted.  She jumped on Erik at the top of a stairwell, sending them both tumbling down.  Andrea tried cornering him in a room to have sex with him.  Erik turned her down, but wouldn't lay a hand on her.  Myra broke it up, repaying Erik for cutting her free from being tied up by Clayton Priest.  Myra came to Erik's aid several more times after that, ultimately battering Andrea in the head over and over with a crowbar after Andrea stabbed Erik and stuck her tongue in the wound.  That ultimately lead to a budding if awkward relationship between Myra and Erik before PJG closed down.

By far the pinnacle of Myra's career though happens to be the climax of her career.  I spent 5 years thinking about how I might turn Myra face.  Initially I was still in UWF, and that definitely wasn't where I wanted to go down after how they treated me and Mike from SF.  Little did I realize at the time just how big of an impact that Myra-Erik-Andrea situation would play on her turn in the long run.  Erik and Myra are now happily married though neither wrestles anymore.

The real catalyst for Myra's turn though was her cousin Sonya.  Besides that UWF North American Women's Championship reign, Sonya really didn't see much success at all over the same amount of time Myra saw tons of success.  So in PJG, I decided it was time to retire Sonya.  I kept her active in PJG because I wanted her retirement match to be against Myra.  And that just wasn't possible at the time.

The story of Myra and Sonya's blood feud spans 8 years and multiple feds though.  At first, I didn't want to get the two together in the same feds.  I knew there would be animosity between the two, and didn't want to get into it at the time.  Then when I got a footing in UWF, I decided to bring Sonya in as well.  It was the first time they were in the same fed at the same time.

UWF had a PPV coming up, so I requested a match between Myra and the debuting Sonya.  The goal was to put Myra over, which I did--writing the match myself.  Myra and Sonya went on to butt heads throughout the next few years.  Sometimes Myra got the upper hand, sometimes Sonya did.  The once best friends hated eachother more and more as time went on.  Sonya had a brief feud with Myra's longtime friend MOira Faith which Myra got involved in, causing Sonya to lose a Torture Room match to Moira at Two Bloody Nights in Texarkana.  Sonya's head was shaved bald and her back was scarred up with the name of Moira's controller Caine Tainer carved into it because of Myra's involvement.

Then the feud picked up in DSP before it closed.  It got really serious in Sam from Lexington's Atlantic City Entertainment though.  Myra kidnapped her twin babies Maya and Johan, secreting them away into the care of the ACE boss herself, "Sensuous" Samantha Bevins.  Myra tormented her with the sounds of screaming babies, sending her on a wild goose chase.  The point was to push Sonya past the point of no return--aiming specifically to corrupt Sonya once and for all.  Sonya fought back though, waterboarding Myra and cutting out her right eye in hopes of getting the whereabouts of the children out of her.  Myra relented, despite the excruciating pain she endured, only to release the children later--thinking she had won.

The feud came to its dramatic conclusion in another Torture Room match at one of ACE's PPVs.  They fought tooth and nail, but Sonya pulled out the win.  She had an opportunity post-match to put Myra away for good, wrapping a chair around her neck and climbing to the top rope.  When she got there though, Sonya reconsidered before climbing back down and celebrating her victory and final match.

The next show, Sonya came out to give her farewell address.  Myra came out also, asking why Sonya resisted the urge to do further damage when the match was done.  Sonya replied that she wasn't like Myra, nor would she ever be like her.  Myra left her to finish her farewel.

With Sonya retired, Myra started showing signs of change.  It started with the purchase of a German shepherd puppy she called King.  Darrin showed up at her apartment, wondering what the Hell was going on.  Telling her to get her act together and get rid of that fucking mutt.  Darrin soon realized that she wasn't the same woman who he made in a test tube, trained, fought with and against.  In fact, she was going soft in his eyes.  He would later swear eternal vengeance on her for betraying him.

Myra continued wrestling ACE shows.  She showed signs of regretting her actions when she went ultraviolent.  She clammed up when facing "Blonde Ambition" Justine America.  Then she requested a match when the card was full, being handed a match with Tracy Sin who everybody beat.  But Tracy destroyed her.  Myra couldn't lift a hand to strike her, guilt-stricken for all her prior actions.

Back at the apartment, Sonya paid her a surprise visit.  There was still tension between them, but Sonya saw her downfall, and encouraged Myra to pick herself back up.  She encouraged Myra to fight against the atrocities that the likes of Darrin Kisler have committed.  Back on her feet with Sonya's help, Myra's face turn was complete.

She went on to feud with Kiora Donavon, but had a distinct disadvantage thanks to several broken ribs thanks to Tracy Sin along with still healing wounds thanks to the Torture Room.  She eventually lost the feud to Kiora and slipped away from the wrestling scene--having lost the will to compete.  The last time she was seen on TV was winter camping with Erik Grimsson before a PJG return show that never happened.

And that's the history of Myra Benedict in a nutshell.  I'm sure there's some details I've forgotten, but this has been real fun.  After ACE closed and I retired the Benedicts, I took three years off to run a YouTube channel.  Part 5 will be about the transition from the JTF community to board fedding, the perils and benefits of the game as wel know it today.


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