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Posted by Meagan G. on 13 Feb 2020

“Meagan’s a bitch”

“We don’t like her”

“She cannot be a part of our group”

“I’ll give everything you want”

  1. I know I’m opening with quotes, but I did say this was going to be the story of how I was beginning to hate E-Fedding. Those quotes that I listed above were factors. Get ready to buckle up and go for a ride in chapter five of my eW journey.

I closed out 2009 with something big for Christmas. UCW was closed for the year and I was at an E-Fed called World Class Championship Wrestling, which turned into Unique Championship Wrestling . I started fully being active there towards the end of 2009, but I didn’t have a proper computer. The computer I was using was a gateway desktop computer which caused fights and arguments when my stepdad was home. Yeah, I know it sounds petty to fight over a damn computer, but that’s how my stepdad was. It was hard writing RPs and trying to get into a mojo with writing one while having a shitty computer. I did some RPs for the fed, but they were not the best.

Christmas 2009 came, and I happened to be at my dad’s house for that year and I got the biggest present from him – my very own laptop! After everything that happened with me in the past, I didn’t have to fight with anyone anymore. This was my laptop, and I got to do whatever I felt like doing with it. I could stay up until 3AM and do RPs along with my school work.

My 2010 E-Fed season was now set. I had my own laptop, I didn’t have to fight with my stepdad to use a computer. Furthermore, the laptop could travel with me. This gave me a fighting opportunity to turn RPs in on time.  However, you must take care of your health and make sure you’re fine. In this case, I was not fine.

I was talking to Linda, the fed head.of Unique Championship Wrestling. Linda was one of those people out there that wanted to start an E-Fed for the hell of it and didn’t care what went on. It was like one of those college parties that went out of control and nobody had a clue what to do or how to stop it. Anyways, while talking to her, something went terribly wrong with me and I had to lie down. Eventually I went to sleep and when I go into a sleep, it’s a deep one. It took my mom to wake me up and rush me to the ER.

I had to get in contact with Linda because as an E-Fedder in her fed, it was the right thing to do, just in case I had to stay a couple of days.  I left her a message about me going to the hospital. Eventually, I did turn out fine as they put me on this strong medication, and only missed a few days of e-fedding. I checked to see if she responded back to my first message and it seemed like the board was turned off.

The E-Fed was part of a forum called “Unique Divas, which featured wrestling news, photoshoots, and so on in addition to the e-fed. The E-Fed was called Unique Championship Wrestling. I asked a couple of people that I was with and one of my friends at the time told me that an incident happened where Linda was fighting with a fedder about how they wanted to takeover my character which was Angelina Love, but I didn’t want to give her up because I was working on her.

Thankfully the board did come up and I did get a message from her eight days later, where she asked if I was OK and such. She told me that a fedder and his friends attacked me because I didn’t want to give up my character. I told her that was true. However, something felt fishy about this. She then told me that they called me a bitch and said that nobody likes me. I just shook my head and told her that I don’t care about this. I offered her two options:

One: I can feud with them.

Two: I can be in that group.

Those two options were a clever idea However, they didn’t want to put me in the group because they felt “I sucked”. I’m not the best E-Fedder and do the best I can. The best scenario was feuding against them and I just did that where I basically crunched them. I didn’t feel accomplished, I felt like I was teaching a lesson in respect.

However, I was starting to feel like I was away from the Underground style. Linda’s constant bullshit drama was pissing me off and eventually, I was reached out by Sean, who was the fed head of Underground Championship Wrestling, to join an E-Fed called “Pacific Championship Wrestling”. I asked who was running the show and he said that it was the former owner of World Onslaught League and Canadian Vendetta League

If you go back to articles one and two, I mentioned how Xander and I got into a fight and I promised myself never to E-Fed again. I know there is a saying that says, “bygones be bygones” and you cannot hold grudges for a long time. I told Sean that I would sign up, but I got shit to clear up with him. With one simple PM and a message about how I felt, he and I buried a two-year hatchet. He apologized, and I apologized about everything. It was a clean slate for the both of us and I was ready to prove it…

School work and Unique Championship Wrestling was stressing me out. Also, being in an E-Fed that brought drama was taking a toll on me. There were some days I wanted to take a step back, but Linda didn’t want me to. I felt like I was trapped and couldn’t get out of this whole situation of being in an place that had constant drama with nowhere to go.

It was right then and there where I hated E-Fedding because of the drama and it caused me not to focus on my school work. My GPA was a 1.5 and I was on probation. It sounds like I committed a crime and the rule for DCCC was, if you’re GPA slips below a 2.0, you are on probation till you raise it back up.

My mom was not happy and read me the riot act. I was not happy with myself and told Linda I had to step back. It was a song and a dance with her. Honestly, I should’ve grown a backbone and told her to fuck off, but I didn’t.

During that summer, I was still going to school and I had to take an art class as well as E-Fedding. I had to withdraw from the class to save my GPA from going down the toilet. I also decided to pull back from E-Fedding for a while and was about to tell Linda about what I was going to do. However, one of her henchmen pulled me aside and told me that he wanted to see me do well. I told Stephen, aka her henchmen, how the fuck am I going to do well with school in the way and my GPA in the gutter?

You want to know what he said? He told me to drop out of school and focus on E-Fedding.

I was NOT going to drop out of school and be a failure. I told him that I went to school and I was able to do both. I was going to prove him wrong and get where I wanted. Fall 2010 semester was coming up and this was a do or die situation. I had a communications class, a student success class, an English one Class and a Computer Class. On top of that, I was told Xander was opening Total Mayhem Wrestling and decided to join that because at this rate, I was getting sick and tired of Unique Championship Wrestling

With Total Mayhem Wrestling, I was asked what I wanted to do. I said I didn’t know what to do and that Unique Championship Wrestling was pissing me off. At this rate, I had to take my anger out on SOMETHING and this is where Xander gave me the brightest suggestion of turning heel with one of my characters. I liked that idea. Meanwhile in the drama fed I was in, I busted my ass hard, and was winning matches. Linda and her henchmen liked what I was doing and gave me the biggest chance there -a shot at the Women’s Championship.

Being a Heel in TMW, having a title shot in Unique Championship Wrestling as well as balancing my school work was going well for me…

…until Sean decided to reopen Underground Championship Wrestling. He told me that I needed to come home because I was a big name. This is where I had to make the biggest decision of my life.

In Chapter six, it was a battle of he said, he said. It will also mention how close I came to win the Women’s Championship only for my opponent to quit as well as standing up to stop drama.

Until then…



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Posted by eWm on Mar 24, 2020

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