Microhero Basics 101: Selecting the Body


Additional info not contained in the Tutorial-

Tool options – To color large areas use the Paint bucket/ floodfill tool(Paint users be advised it will color everything of that base color on your image)

Coloring options – In the case of Batman he can either be dressed in Black or be highlighted with Blue like in the comicbooks. Your choice! Keep in mind if you use a picture for reference, the coloring should match closely if you are trying to create an exact likeness.

MSPaint users have limited color palettes if for some reason you cannot find the color you need do not adjust the hex code without consulting someone familiar with its use or a Staff member. Can’t find help? Go to the Template section for additional color palettes

Author’s note – While this tutorial’s subject was Batman the same principles apply to most Comicbook subjects. Be advised the more detailed a subject is the more you need to learn. Case in point Captain America’s tunic is part chainmail, you should learn how to draw that pattern if you expect to draw him accurately.


100% Credit for this tutorial goes to Rodimus from his post on the sVo boards.