Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ
  • What is Poser Factory?

    Poser Factory is a resource site aimed toward online wrestling promotions, or EFeds as they are called. The purpose of the site is to offer free images created in Poser for people to use for free as they see fit in graphics or on web pages, as well as offer downloads for users of Poser, and tutorials. There is also the ability to custom order Poser shots from the Poser Factory artist.

  • Who are the Main poser Artist/Contributors?

    The site is owned and maintained by Ben Halkum. Others who have contributed or will contribute are:

    Eric Isasken
    Dan McDevitt
    James Hulsey
    Mike Best
    Chris Hynes

  • I Create Posers, Can I Contribute/Offer My Services?

    Of course! Email for more information.

  • What Do You Create These Images In?

    "Poser" images are created in a 3D modeling program called Poser. As an alternative, the same type of images may at times be created in Daz3D's Daz Studio program. Post editing may be done in Photoshop or a similar program.

  • What Images Can I Use For Free?

    Any image in any post in the Freebies category is available for download and use by anyone in any non-commercial project.

  • How Often Will New Freebies Be Added?

    New images will be added to the Freebies category as time permits from the artist.

  • How Often Will New Tutorials Be Added?

    New tutorials will be added as time permits from the artist.

  • Can I Buy a Custom poser?
  • How Do You Come Up With the Prices Of Custom Posers?

    The prices are decided by the artist and many things attribute to the prices. To create a custom Poser takes time, and just like any job you spend time doing for someone else, it comes down to how long will it take and what you believe your time is worth.

  • What is the Process to Order a Custom Poser?

    Currently, you should email to inquire about a custom Poser with what package yo are interested in.

    The base process is this:

    1. Choose package
    2. Contact artist
    3. Be placed in line in order of customer orders
    4. When it's your turn, make payment through PayPal to our verified PayPal account
    5. Description Period - Give description to artist. If you need custom logos or tattoos added, you would provide them here
    6. Artist will begin work
    7. Preview - You will be given an un-rendered preview of your figure to make sure the basic appearance is what you are looking for. If not, minor tweaks may be made not to exceed three exchanges.
    8. Posing - Artist will pose charater
    9. Preview - You will be given an un-rendered and posed preview of your figure to sign off on.
    10. Rendering - Artist will render the image
    11. Final Preview - You will have a chance to look over the render one time and request any fixes.
    12. Final Render - The artist will make any adjustments needed and render the final product
    13. Delivery.